Tomorrow churches that use the Revised Common Lectionary will read Mark 12:38-44 and most likely hear a sermon on it.  Too often we don't have time to really reflect on the Gospel read on Sunday.  We hear it quickly and don't have time to process it.  Today, read the  Gospel reading for this Sunday and reflect on it.  Use as many different angles to get to the passage as possible.  Write a poem on the passage, paint a picture of it, try to write your own sermon--use whatever method helps you ente … [Read more...]

Feast of St. Luke: Lectio

Today we celebrate the witness of St. Luke the Evangelist, companion of Paul and author of the two part book including the Gospel of Luke and Acts.In honor of his witness spend some time in Lectio Divina with a passage from Luke's gospel.  Slowly read the passage aloud, then read it again quietly, pausing and sitting with any words or phrases that strike you.  Think of your reading as a walk through the text and your pausing as what you would do if you came across a flower or some o … [Read more...]

Memorize Monday: Deuteronomy 10:12-21

Spend twenty minutes reading and rereading Deuteronomy 10:12-21.  This passage sums up the relationship of God and God's people.  Over the next week work on memorizing the passage or a shorter selection from it. … [Read more...]

Lectio: Psalm 45

Psalm 45 is bewildering to me.  I can't really understand it or why its in the Psalter, but its there and so I have to respond to it.  That's one of the wonderful things about the Bible--it forces us to engage with strange cultures and strange ideas and ask what this tells us about God.  It is with the passages we don't understand that we sometimes need to spend the most time.  So today, spend twenty minutes reading and reflecting on Psalm 45 or on the passage that most bewilders you.  Don't try … [Read more...]

Lectio: The Magnificat

It is only through a denigration of motherhood that we do not venerate St. Mary, the mother of Jesus.  It is she who carried Christ in her womb through the discomfort of nine months, gave birth to Jesus through the pains of birth, nursed God incarnate upon her breast, raised him, learned from him, watched him die, and then lived in the community of believers as a grandmother of the faith after he rose from the dead and ascended into heaven.  Her position in the Gospels is unique--without her the … [Read more...]

Lectio Divina: Mark 6:30-34, 53-56

Read Mark 6:30-34, 53-56 aloud to your self, pausing on any word or phrase that stands out to you.Then read the passage again silently.  Again, if there is a word or phrase that stands out to you, repeat it to yourself and think about its meaning.  Abide with the passage.Ask yourself why you heard what you heard in the passage?What is it in your life that made you hear what you heard?What might God be telling you?For Christians in traditions that follow the Revised Common Lec … [Read more...]


Read John 15:9-17 three times aloud (with others if possible).  What do you hear?  What stands out in the passage?  Why? … [Read more...]