Native Tongue

Today, the Anglican/Episcopal church celebrates the feast day of William Tyndale who brought the bible into the English language.  His work, persecuted by the monarchy and Church, was eventually appropriated by both to become the King James Bible.Tyndale's work was to bring the Gospel into his place and time--that was what translating the scriptures meant.  The fear of his persecutors was that such a translation would transform the scriptures into something else, something less than or d … [Read more...]

A Quiet Hour

Spend one hour in silence--go to a park, take a walk, sit in a quiet room.  Have no set agenda, but to be in silence in a world full of noise. … [Read more...]

Go to a Garden

Take time today to walk in a natural setting--it could be a garden, a hiking trail, or beach.  Pray that God will reconcile all of creation and ask what your role in that reconciliation might be. … [Read more...]

Spend Time Outside

The natural world offers a kind of peace and a way to enter into God's presence that is missing in the world of human construction.  Go to a natural place today, even if it is a weedy patch of grass in a suburb.  Spend time there and simply be in peace of the place.  Remember that God is the creator, above all, in all. … [Read more...]

Listening Prayer

Sit in silence for 20 minutes outdoors.  Listen carefully, isolating each sound as it comes--the wind, birds, bugs, the rustling of leaves.  Does God speak with these voices? … [Read more...]

Square Foot

Go outside and find a space to mark off one square foot.  Sit and observe that square foot for at least ten minutes.  Praise God for what you notice; ask forgiveness for not noticing before. … [Read more...]

Memorize Monday: 2 Peter 1:2-10

Read, re-read and meditate on 2 Peter 1:2-10.  Then work on memorizing the passage over the week.  What does it mean for us to be "partakers of the divine nature"? … [Read more...]

Put to Death

On Fridays we remember the death of Christ.  In this death Christ set an example of the extreme to which we should all pursue love--that love is impossible if we do not die to ourselves.  Many of us take this in a literal sense and can easily nod our heads, yes, we would die for Christ if the situation ever arose (which we know, gladly, will likely never come).  But everyday we have the opportunity to die for Christ.  There are innumerable situations in which we must choose between living for our … [Read more...]