Monastics have a practice called statio that they use as a tool to be mindful and attentive in everything they do.  Statio is simply stopping one thing before beginning another.  In its negative formulation, this means no multitasking.  Each task, each conversation, each dish washed is completed as a singular event.  One key to practicing statio is to pause for a moment after each task.  For instance, if you are checking Facebook, pause for a moment after you've finished and then go to the next t … [Read more...]

Jesus is President: A Meditation

Spend 10 to 20 minutes on this meditation adapted from The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.Imagine an earthly ruler who is good and capable, working for the good of all, yet exercising justice.Spend some time thinking about what this ruler would be like.Then imagine that this ruler calls on you to come and work for him or her.  What kinds of missions might this king or president or prime minister send you on? Imagine the president saying to you, "I have a special … [Read more...]

Cracks in the Sidewalk

What is the worst enemy of concrete?  It isn't the grand machines of destruction--it is small seeds of grass that get into the cracks and grow.  We've all seen something strong destroyed by small, fragile grasses.  This is in some ways how the kingdom of God enters the world--like grass breaking up the concrete.What is it in your neighborhood, your church, your office that is not as it would be in the fullness of the Kingdom of God?  Find one thing and change it.  It could be as simple as say … [Read more...]

This is My Body

Begin the week by giving yourself, completely and fully to God.  Lay on the ground, and working from your toes to the top of your head, pray that God will be present in each part of your body.  Pray that those who shake your hand will experience God, pray that those who you listen to will feel listened to by God, pray that every part of yourself will be a transparent opening through which God will be present. … [Read more...]


Sit in a quiet, natural place like a forest or park. Write what comes to your mind, whatever it is. Don't look back at what you wrote. Discard the pages after you're finished. … [Read more...]

First Breath

Lay down on the ground and breathe in deeply.  Imagine that you have just been formed from the rich, dark garden soil of Eden and the breath you breathe is the breath of God.  Do this for three minutes. … [Read more...]


What does calling Jesus "Lord" really mean?  How does that transfer to leaders in the church?  Are we to be under the authority of church leaders?Spend 10 minutes meditating on Jesus' authorityThen consciously submit to an authority in your life, be it a pastor, mentor, bishop or boss … [Read more...]

In the Still of Night

At night, find a quiet place outside and sit in the silence.  Rest in God. … [Read more...]