What gift has God given your neighbor, your boss, the man you pass everyday on your way to lunch? God has given each person some gift, we can be sure, but what is it? Look for the giftedness of others and marvel at what God has given. … [Read more...]


Find an in-between space--a porch or lawn, a place between your private domain and the public one. Spend ten minutes praying that God will show you how to use this space as a means of hospitality--of inviting the outside to begin the interruption of your private life. … [Read more...]


God breathed the breath of life into Adam, the Psalms tell us that all animals live by the breath of God, and Jesus breaths on his disciples to give them the Holy Breath. Breath is holy. Sit for five minutes and breathe consciously. As you go throughout the day pay attention to the breaths of others and your own. … [Read more...]

Faith Seeking Understanding

Today is the feast of St. Anselm of Canterbury. Spend time meditating on his most famous quote: "I do not seek to understand that I may believe, but I believe that I may understand. For this, too, I believe, that, unless I first believe, I shall not understand." … [Read more...]

Touch Me and See

Spend time reading and reflecting on Luke 24:36-48. How is the body represented in the passage? How can we touch and see? … [Read more...]


Look for God in familiar places and faces. Don't miss God in the mundane. Record your sightings in a Godwatchers notebook. … [Read more...]

Release Your Life

Write down the chronology of your life. Pray over the past--release it to God. … [Read more...]

The Road to Emmaus

Read the Gospel and then sit and imagine your way into the story--you are one of these unnamed disciples, unaware of the resurrection. How does learning that Jesus has returned changed things?Luke 24:13-35 … [Read more...]