Welcome Beauty

God made the world as a place of beautyBare witness to that beauty by returning someplace, just a little bit, to God's vision for that placePlant bulbs on a overgrown street corner, pick up trash, clean up a polluted creek--the gesture doesn't need to be large to bare witness to the beauty God intended … [Read more...]

Create Space to Hear

Spend 10 minutes in silenceSit in a straight backed chair and breath deeplyWhenever a distraction comes to your mind, push it away with the phrase, "Lord have mercy" … [Read more...]

Mardi Gras

The season of lent begins tomorrow, so today is Mardi Gras--Fat Tuesday.Spend 10 minutes in silence preparing your heart for this season of slowness.Create a final list of the disciplines and practices you will take on during this season.Then take time to indulge--eat a cupcake, drink a glass of wine, savor the things you will give up for the next 40 days. Indulgence will make your fast more meaningful. … [Read more...]

Be Present

Imagine yourself with Christ. Pick a particular story or scene from the gospels--the feeding of the 5,000, the healing of the man at the pool of Bethesda, the raising of Lazarus, the preaching of the Sermon on the Mount.Imagine yourself there, in that story, in that time, present fully with Christ. … [Read more...]


Fast from all food and caloric drinks until 5 PMPay special attention to your thoughts. When sinful thoughts begin to enter your mind find a simple prayer or passage of scripture with which to replace them such as "Lord Jesus Christ, Have Mercy" or "The Lord is My Shepherd." _____________________________________Free ebook: Freedom from Sinful Thoughts by J. Heinrich Arnold … [Read more...]

As God Sees

Our goal is to see as God sees, to change our vision to God's visionSit for 10 minutes and ask God to allow you to see the world in with God's visionThink over your life, the people you know, your neighborhood, city, church-- how does God see it? … [Read more...]


Commune means literally to "be with the body"Commune with the body of Christ--in the Eucharist, in the fellowship of believers, in all of the places Christ's body dwells in the world--seek to be with it. … [Read more...]

Slow Reading

Read John 6:52-59Read it again slowly, pausing wherever you are drawn to stop and open yourself to the text.What is God saying to you and your church through this passage?If possible read the passage with a group of people and let everyone listen to what God has shared to each person through the passage.Let your imagination guide you as you read it the first few times and then, and only then, begin to analyze the text for its meaning. Read one or two commentaries on the passage. … [Read more...]