Prayer Bursts

As you go about your day, offer quick bursts of prayer--a quick word of blessing, a short petition, a confession.  When you see the news pray, "Thy kingdom come" at the screen.  When you pass a person on the street pray, "Lord, bless her today."  When you think some disparaging thought of someone else say, "Lord, have mercy."  Keep your prayers short and let them mediate your interactions with the world around you.  Find one hour early in the day to really focus and practice prayer bursts and the … [Read more...]

Is It You?

Christ appears in many forms, sometimes familiar ones.  In every encounter you have today, whether its with your spouse or the co-worker you see every morning or a stranger on the street, ask Christ, "Is it you?"  Keep this as your constant prayer throughout the day. … [Read more...]

Your Weakness

What are your weaknesses, your sins, your inclinations that always seem to get you in trouble?  Write them down and pray through each one, asking God to be your strength in each of your weaknesses.  Surrender, consciously, each of these areas of your life to God and ask Christ to live through you, replacing your weakness with his strength. … [Read more...]


C. S. Lewis is said to have walked every day, rain or shine, because walking fueled his creativity.  There is much research to back this up--walking is an important human practice, and as such it is an important spiritual one.  Today go for a walk with no destination in mind.  Simply wander and pray that God will lead you, even if the only place you arrive is at yourself. … [Read more...]

Ten Minutes of Thanks

Sit in silence for five minutes and think about what you are most thankful for.  Then give thanks for five things, giving 1 minute to each.  … [Read more...]

In the Night

There is a long tradition within monasticism and Christian asceticism of waking to pray in the middle of the night.  Some argue that an interruption to our sleep in the middle of the night is natural, that eight solid hours is a modern invention after we extended our bedtimes far past the onset of darkness.  Whatever the case, waking to pray in the middle of the night can be an incredibly peaceful experience of unique time with God.Tonight, set up a prayer station with candles and a col … [Read more...]

Pray with Those Who Weep

Who is weeping in your neighborhood?  What is the source of their sorrow?  Whoever they are, whatever the reason, go and pray with them.  Pray that God will guide you to those whose sorrows God would like to enter with love. … [Read more...]

A Benedictine Day

Today we celebrate the feast day of St. Benedict of Nursia.  St. Benedict's most enduring legacy is his rule of life, which has recently been paraphrased beautifully by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove.  Central to Benedict's wisdom is living in moderation and balance as we pursue Christlikeness.  For Benedict this includes a daily rhythm of prayer, community life, and work.In honor of St. Benedict's feast, try to incorporate a Benedictine rhythm into your day.  Wake up, pray (include others if pos … [Read more...]