Walk and Pray

Go for a long walk and pray to God while you're walking.  Carry on a conversation with God as though you were walking with a friend.  Cognitive research shows that when walking we think better and are at our most creative--give God this time. … [Read more...]

Show Up

Sometimes serving doesn't mean planning out a big project.  Sometimes service just means being available; showing up.  Go to a place where there might be an opportunity for service--a farmers market, a cooling center, a park.  Be available and ask that God show you how to serve. … [Read more...]

A Prayer for Mealtimes

Fast from all food or caloric drinks until 5 PMDuring your fast, perhaps at the time you would normally eat a meal, write a prayer for your mealtimes.  Try to incorporate thanksgiving for all of the aspects of the meal--the creation, the laborers who brought the meal from the land, those who prepared the food.  Also, think about the aspects of the meal that may not be pleasing to God--the animals that may have been abused, the land that might have been destroyed, the farm workers who may h … [Read more...]

Evening Walk

Take an evening walk, just as the sun is setting if possible.  As you walk, pray through your day to God, telling God each part of it.  Release each part of your day as you pray it. … [Read more...]

This is My Body

Begin the week by giving yourself, completely and fully to God.  Lay on the ground, and working from your toes to the top of your head, pray that God will be present in each part of your body.  Pray that those who shake your hand will experience God, pray that those who you listen to will feel listened to by God, pray that every part of yourself will be a transparent opening through which God will be present. … [Read more...]

Pray Twice

There is a quote attributed to St. Augustine of Hippo that "those who sing pray twice."  Sing a prayer, whether its a psalm or a hymn, sing to the Lord. … [Read more...]

Listening Prayer

Listen to God.  Say nothing.  Sit for at least 10 minutes listening for what God may be saying.  If a distracting thought or internal monologue begins, simply push it away with the phrase, "speak Lord". … [Read more...]

Prayer Wall

Find a place where you can store your prayers.  It could be the crevices in a wall or a box or under the rocks in your garden.  Write prayers on little slips of paper and leave them there. … [Read more...]