Work with Your Hands

Manual (hand) labor is valued in many monastic traditions. Working with our hands and bodies allows us to do constructive work and yet frees our mind more easily for reflection and prayer. Do manual labor today as a meditation--avoid labor saving devices, engines, and motors--engage your body as fully as possible. Remember that most of Jesus life was spent as a manual laborer. … [Read more...]


Go to a busy place. Sit and listen for God in the busyness. Use a simple holy word or phrase as a tool to focus your attention--Jesus, Love, Have Mercy, Your Kingdom Come. … [Read more...]

Thy Kingdom Come, Here

Go for a walk. With every step say, "Thy Kingdom Come, Here." … [Read more...]

Pray Your Body

Start with your toes, end with the top of your head--pray that God will be present in every inch of your body. … [Read more...]

Prayer Bursts

Throughout your day, create prayer bursts--quick prayers in response to those around you. Pray for the person that you see passing on the street, the driver in the car next to you at a stop light, pray for the event you see or hear about on the news. Let small flashes of prayer be bursts of light in your life throughout the day. … [Read more...]

Practice Christ’s Presence

Pick a period of the day--your lunch hour, the morning, a walk. Pick a period that is long enough to be significant, but short enough to not be overwhelming.For that period seek to be consciously aware of Christ's presence with you. … [Read more...]

In the Evening

Sit down and write down everything that has happened over the day as a prayer … [Read more...]


A litany is a series of repeated prayers.Create a litany of thanksgiving recounting to God all that you are thankful for in every aspect and area of your life.Remember that all, all is a gift. … [Read more...]