Take Delight

Today, savor the world.  Put your attention toward enjoying the people you encounter, the activities you do, the serendipities that come.  Take a walk in the woods and delight in the incredible creation.  The world is full of delightful things; the Sabbath is a day to really savor them. [Read more...]

Sabbath Rest

Sabbath rest comes from delighting in work well done.  There is no real Sabbath without real work.  Today recall the work that brought you to this day of rest and thank God for both the ability to work and the ability to rest. [Read more...]

The Kingdom Come

The Sabbath is a time to realize the coming of God’s kingdom.  Part of the reason much of Christian tradition has played down Sabbath practice is not because the Sabbath is unimportant, but because the Sabbath reality of restoration and reconciliation is to be expanded to all time.  A practice of the Sabbath is then [Read More...]

Turn it Off

On the Sabbath avoid anything with a power button or an ignition switch.  Live that day without digital technology and spend as much time as possible in nature.  If you feel anxiety at not having a phone or some way to update the world of your doings via Facebook or Twitter, relax.  God has done [Read More...]

Achieve Nothing

The Sabbath is a day of anti-achievement.  It is a time when we have a break from all of the striving for human attainment and stop long enough to realize that we are blessed simply by being creatures made by a God who is Love. Today, don’t do anything that helps you achieve anything.  Instead, take a [Read More...]

Spend No Money

Take a break from economic life and rest in the work that’s already been done.  Do not spend or carry money or any means of payment.  Instead, take a day to exist in relationships outside of the money economy.  What do those relationships look like? [Read more...]

Bring Sabbath

Today bring the rest of Sabbath to someone else.  It could be a mother struggling with a child or a business person trying to balance a busy schedule or a clergy person burdened with the problems of others.  The situations will vary, but it could be an offer to baby sit or treating someone to [Read More...]

Rest from it All

Today rest from all effort, all work, all striving.  There’s nothing you have to do–just accept God’s grace. [Read more...]


Have you seen a baby rest in her mother’s arm’s recently?  It is a kind of peace that is unlike anything.  That is the kind of peace we have in the arms of God.  This is the experience of the Sabbath practiced well. [Read more...]

The Work of Sabbath

To practice the Sabbath requires work.  It requires preparation yes, but more so it requires the mental discipline to leave things undone.  That pile of dishes–it can wait, however strong the draw is to finish it.  That last little bit of work you took home from the office–you have to leave it alone.  Over time [Read More...]