What is complicating your life? Too many activities--quit a few. Too much time deciding what to wear--reduce your options. Seek to simplify your life. Leave room for God's surprises. Make space for the Lord. … [Read more...]


Resist manipulating how people see you. Do not try to impress anyone with your style, intelligence, creativity, wit. Interact with everyone simply. Be present and other focused. When you feel that you have tried to manipulate how someone sees you, write it down. At the end of the day reflect on each of these instances and pray that God will help you resist the temptation in similar situations in the future.(Inspired by Jack Bernard author of How to Become a Saint) … [Read more...]


Speak only when necessary Keep words to a minimum Seek to be conscious of everything you sayUse the extra time to listen … [Read more...]

Turn Off, Tune In

Shut down your computer Turn off your cell phone Avoid all screens Be present with Christ's body of which you are a member … [Read more...]


In everything you do In every interaction Focus on being fully present--without distraction Imagine Christ as a fleeting presence in the moment He may come suddenly, he may leave suddenly You wouldn't want to miss him … [Read more...]