Fish McBites and the Abundant Kingdom

Just in time for lent McDonald's is releasing its newest product—the Fish McBite.  For those who grew up with the Friday Filet-O-Fish, this new McDonald's treat is a “healthy” twist on the old favorite.  Best of all it is sustainable.  The fish in the McBites are 100% wild-caught Alaskan Pollock from a sustainable fishery.  Next time you’re in the drive through you can feel good about the battered fish bites you’re putting in your mouth.I thought of the Fish McBite as I recently read Luke 5:1 … [Read more...]

Study Genesis 1 and 2

Have you ever noticed that there are two creation stories?  Scholars believe that both were written at different times and then brought together in a latter collection.  The differences between the two is primarily their emphasis, but both are focused on teaching us about God, the creation, humankind and how we all relate to one another.  Read and reflect on Genesis 1 and 2, find the two creation stories and reflect on what they say about our role in the world and our relationship to God and the … [Read more...]

Write a Poem

For the gospel reading this Sunday (Mark 10:35-45), write a poem.  Reflect on the meaning of the passage and try to write a poem about it.  It doesn't have to rhyme or fit some standard meter.  Just try to express the meaning of passage through images and words. … [Read more...]

Native Tongue

Today, the Anglican/Episcopal church celebrates the feast day of William Tyndale who brought the bible into the English language.  His work, persecuted by the monarchy and Church, was eventually appropriated by both to become the King James Bible.Tyndale's work was to bring the Gospel into his place and time--that was what translating the scriptures meant.  The fear of his persecutors was that such a translation would transform the scriptures into something else, something less than or d … [Read more...]

Practicing Christ with the Early Church

A Review of The Right Church by Charles E. GutensonThere’s something about ancient wisdom.  If you want to sell a book about spirituality you’re better off putting something like “unlocking the ancient secrets” rather than “revealing the cutting edge.”  The cutting edge is where we live so much of our life, always jumping to the latest in technology, our iPhone’s always quickly obsolete, our computers constantly begging for an update and then an upgrade.  We hunger for something deeper, somet … [Read more...]

Feast of St. Augustine of Hippo

Today we celebrate the feast day of St. Augustine.  It has been said that Augustine's works are so numerous that anyone who says they've read them all is a liar, but two of Augustine's works are his most famous: The Confessions  and The City of God.In honor of Augustine's feast day we have two options for exercises.1) Following Augustine's example in The Confessions renarrate your last month as a prayer to God.  Tell God all that happened, high and low, and ask God to shed divine light on … [Read more...]

Memorize Monday: 1 John 4:7-21

Part of the purpose of spiritual disciplines is to make right actions automatic.  When we are faced with someone who we can respond to with love or hate, we should not have to decide, we should be so formed that love is our default.  Spiritual disciplines are a way of returning our lives to the "factory settings" of God's Kingdom.Reading and meditating on scripture is a particularly power way to achieve such a reset.  Today read, reread, and work on memorizing 1 John 4:7-21.  Carry the verse … [Read more...]

Memorize Monday: Colossians 1:15-20

Memorize Colossians 1:15-20This passage, a hymn of sorts, answers the critical question: who is Christ?  By memorizing this hymn-poem you will have a ready answer for others, but more critically for yourself.Use this passage as a means of meditating on Christ.  Once you've memorized it, bring it back to mind regularly so that you can reflect on the rich and profound things the writer of the hymn is saying about who Christ is.For some scholarly reflection on the passage see F.F. B … [Read more...]