Pray with Your Body

Pray without words. Pray to God using the expressions of your body as though God speaks a different language or you cannot speak even mentally. What does your bodily prayer look like? … [Read more...]


Communicate across a divide--racial, political, or ecclesial. … [Read more...]

The Present Moment

Our lives tend to revolve around our own stories and we tend to make those we encounter characters in that story.  Make a conscious effort to meet each person not in your story, but in the present moment.  See each person for who they are in that moment and then work from that to see them in their own story, not yours. … [Read more...]


It is easy to reduce the world to facts, to seek to understand every aspect of something, but mystery protects us from that.  There are big mysteries like the Trinity or Christ's presence in the Eucharist and then there are little mysteries, like grass growing from the soil.  We understand a great deal, but we don't understand any of these things completely.  Find something that no one understands completely and dwell with it for a while. … [Read more...]


Giving thanks for our food is a good habit, but too often we rush through it.  Today, for each thing you eat, give true and meaningful thanks.  Thank God for the animals, the plants, the soil, the work of farmers, packers, shippers, cooks.  Think of every element that went into bringing the food to your mouth and thank God for it. … [Read more...]


Walk as much as possible to get where you need to go, even it that means parking at the far end of the lot.  As you walk, pray through your surroundings. … [Read more...]

Rest Day

Athletes know that rest is necessary to become better at something--we need to let our bodies catch up with the stress we've put them under. Is it the same with the soul? We think so. Take a rest day from spiritual exercise. Pray, read as you wish, but try to simply rest in God's grace--it is there the work of transformation will happen. … [Read more...]

Tell It Again

In the evening spend some time reflecting over the day. Tell the story of your day to yourself. Then imagine the way that God would tell it. … [Read more...]