I Spy…

I spy is a great game for long road trips; one of the best ways to occupy kids before the advent of the back seat DVD player.  Today, play a kind of divine "I spy..."  Look for signs of God around you.  It could be a moment of grace, a person calling for you to live into Christ, a moment of beauty.  Write down each moment and if possible play along with someone else who can help point you toward seeing God in the world. … [Read more...]

Go Bird Watching

Go bird watching, or bug watching, or learn to identify the plants in your yard--learn how to really pay attention to what has always been around you.Thanks to Phil Kenneson for reminding me of this important practice at the Ekklesia Project gathering this past week. … [Read more...]

Cracks in the Sidewalk

What is the worst enemy of concrete?  It isn't the grand machines of destruction--it is small seeds of grass that get into the cracks and grow.  We've all seen something strong destroyed by small, fragile grasses.  This is in some ways how the kingdom of God enters the world--like grass breaking up the concrete.What is it in your neighborhood, your church, your office that is not as it would be in the fullness of the Kingdom of God?  Find one thing and change it.  It could be as simple as say … [Read more...]

Game with Minutes

The "Game with Minutes" is a way to practice God's presence developed by Frank Laubach.  The goal of the game is to think of Christ one second for every minute of a given period of time.  Eventually, the hope is to work to every minute of the day, but to start we can try it for an hour or even for twenty minutes.Pick one period of the day and attempt to play the Game with Minutes.   It could be your lunch break, your morning commute, or even during a meeting.  For whatever period, attempt to … [Read more...]

Christ in the Room

Everywhere you go, imagine Christ in that place with you.  In a room, pick an empty chair and imagine him there.  In a park see him playing with children at the playground.  Christ is with you, so try to see where he is. … [Read more...]