Be a Reason for Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving and for many of us its a time for joy, for gathering with friends and family and giving thanks for the year that has passed, but for many this is also a time of loneliness and mourning. Today, as you are giving thanks, follow in the loving way of the one to whom you give it.  Seek out those who are broken and be Christ's love to them.  Then you will be more than thankful, you will be a reason for thanksgiving. … [Read more...]

Make Someone’s Day

Watch out for someone who needs something special--someone who has experienced a loss, is going through some life struggle, or is just having a bad day.  Then do something to show that person the love of Christ.  It could be as simple as dropping off a favorite treat, giving a massage, or just sending along a note.  Make someone's day and ask Christ to help you live this day as his mirror in the world. … [Read more...]

Security Blanket

Spend 20 minutes contemplating your life.  What are the things in your life that help you feel secure?  Is it your job?  Insurance?  A growing retirement account?  A gun under the bed?After contemplating your sources of security, replace each one in your mind with the often repeated phrase in the scriptures, "Do not fear for I am with you."  The "I am," of course, is God.Consider getting rid of one of your security blankets, especially if you find it particularly hard to replace with God' … [Read more...]

Clean Out Your Closet

Last month nearly three hundred people burned to death in a Pakistani clothing factory with dismal working conditions.  In a global economy we are often too insulated from the people who make our clothes and provide us with our most basic daily goods.  One of Ghandi's experiments in truth was to work as much as possible to respect the products of labor.  He would use a pencil down to the nib in order to honor the work of the one who made it.  If we honored labor in this way we would buy less and … [Read more...]

Make Someone’s Day

Part of the work of any Christian is to reflect Christ's work of being a gift to the world .  We can be gifts to one another whether friends or strangers.  Today, be a gift to someone.  It could be as simple as a well put compliment to a stranger.  In being a gift you will call others into an economy of gifts that transcends the mechanical transactions we so often fall into in our day. … [Read more...]

Love Someone

It may be simple, but today do whatever you can to show love to someone in a concrete and physical way.  Wash someone's car, babysit their children, cook them dinner, mow their lawn--whatever you do do it as though you were doing it for Christ. … [Read more...]

Feast of Jonathan Myrick Daniels

Jonathan Myrick Daniels is a martyr of the Episcopal Church.  As a seminarian he worked for civil rights in Alabama, actions that led to his arrest and eventually his murder.  Like most martyrs Daniels never sought to die.  He just showed up to defend the image of God in his black brothers and sisters against a racist public that would not accept it.Where do you need to show up?  Where is the image of God being dishonored in your place?  Go there in honor of all the people who have gone ther … [Read more...]

Undoing the Magic of Money

Money is magical.  It is hard not to be enthralled with its power.  Try to rip a dollar in half--its a psychologically difficult thing to do.  Yet as Christians we must live according to a different economy, an economy based on love and charity in which money is at best a passing convenience, at worst a dangerous idol.  The tendency is for the latter so it is critical in our Christian spiritual practice to break the power of money.  There is no better way to break the power of money than to give … [Read more...]