Have Two, Give One

Mark Scandretti, in his wonderful book, Practicing the Way of Jesus introduces an exercise called Have2Give1.  This exercise follows the teaching of Jesus in Luke 3:11 that for those who have two of something, they should share with the one who has none.  Look through your belongings and find the things you have two of, then seek someplace to give away one of the two.  It could be an individual or an organization like goodwill.  Make it a constant practice to give away anything that you unn … [Read more...]

Go to Those Who Ask

Jesus told us to "give to those who ask."  Many of us solve this problem by avoiding those who might ask something of us.  We see a homeless person and we look the other way, making sure we don't make eye contact.  Today, make yourself available to those who might ask.  Go to someone who might need help and ask if they need it.  Somewhere along the way you might find Christ or at least a new friend. … [Read more...]

Cracks in the Sidewalk

What is the worst enemy of concrete?  It isn't the grand machines of destruction--it is small seeds of grass that get into the cracks and grow.  We've all seen something strong destroyed by small, fragile grasses.  This is in some ways how the kingdom of God enters the world--like grass breaking up the concrete.What is it in your neighborhood, your church, your office that is not as it would be in the fullness of the Kingdom of God?  Find one thing and change it.  It could be as simple as say … [Read more...]

Show Up

Sometimes serving doesn't mean planning out a big project.  Sometimes service just means being available; showing up.  Go to a place where there might be an opportunity for service--a farmers market, a cooling center, a park.  Be available and ask that God show you how to serve. … [Read more...]

Pick Up Trash

Wherever you see it, pick up trash on the street or side walk or roadside.  Seek to make the space just a bit more beautiful, full of care rather than careless.  You will be surprised by the witness. … [Read more...]

Plant Something

Dig in the ground, plant something in it, and commit to seeing that it flourishes.  Share the harvest be it beauty or food. … [Read more...]

Proclaim the Gospel

"Proclaim the gospel always; use words when necessary." This quote attributed to St. Francis is a powerful statement on how the Good News that Christ is King gets spread. Pray that God will show you one way to proclaim the gospel through actions rather than words today. It could be as simple as picking up trash along the street, taking the time to talk to a lonely person, or secretly giving a struggling couple money for a meal together. … [Read more...]

Welcome Beauty

God made the world as a place of beautyBare witness to that beauty by returning someplace, just a little bit, to God's vision for that placePlant bulbs on a overgrown street corner, pick up trash, clean up a polluted creek--the gesture doesn't need to be large to bare witness to the beauty God intended … [Read more...]