The Most Important Thing You’ll Do Today

No, it is not voting.  Vote if you like, but Christians need to keep such actions in perspective and not get caught up in pseudo-salvations. We have a duty, as theologian Stanley Hauerwas recently said, not to take voting too seriously.  Instead as an act of allegiance and reorientation take part in communion with other Christians.  Throughout the country churches are holding communion to mark our true identity as Christ's people.  Find a Eucharist near you here: … [Read more...]

Do Something Uncomfortable

We all fall into our ruts of worship and prayer.  We pray to our style and find churches that meet that outlook.  Pentecostals might find speaking in tongues as normal as breakfast, but be extremely uncomfortable praying the Rosary.  Episcopalians might have no problem praying the daily office, but to sing praise songs with arms uplifted would make most run the other way.  Today, pray and worship in a way you find uncomfortable.  Use formal prayer, pray the Rosary, ask to speak in tongues, spend … [Read more...]

Another Gathering

Church shopping is the death of any good Christian, but it is important to visit other churches from time to time to see that God is not contained within our own expression.  Today, visit a church other than your own.  This may mean attending two church services if you have obligations to your own local congregation.  Preferably, visit a church of a completely different orientation.  If you're an Episcopalian visit a Missionary Baptist church, if you're a Roman Catholic visit a Presbyterian chu … [Read more...]

Love Someone

It may be simple, but today do whatever you can to show love to someone in a concrete and physical way.  Wash someone's car, babysit their children, cook them dinner, mow their lawn--whatever you do do it as though you were doing it for Christ. … [Read more...]

Undoing the Magic of Money

Money is magical.  It is hard not to be enthralled with its power.  Try to rip a dollar in half--its a psychologically difficult thing to do.  Yet as Christians we must live according to a different economy, an economy based on love and charity in which money is at best a passing convenience, at worst a dangerous idol.  The tendency is for the latter so it is critical in our Christian spiritual practice to break the power of money.  There is no better way to break the power of money than to give … [Read more...]

Singing as a Spiritual Discipline

Where else in American culture do people sing together than in church?  This is a unique aspect of our way of being in the world.  Singing may well have preceded speech in human history by some accounts--singing is almost certainly our first language with God.  It is a fundamental practice of devotion.Today find a song of worship and sing it.  It could be a hymn, a psalm, or something more contemporary.  If you can, gather others to sing with you. … [Read more...]