Friday Fast: Creating an Opening

Fast from all food and caloric drinks until 5 PMAs you fast, center your attention on using the emptiness of your mealtimes as an opening for God.  If we always fulfill our cravings there is no opportunity for something new to come in.  Today, as you resist those cravings ask God to show you what new things might fulfill the hungers of your life. … [Read more...]

Friday Fast or a Feast on the Bread of Life

Fast from all food and caloric drinks until sundown.During your fast, use the time you would spend on meals to reflect on John 6:35, 41-51 (the Gospel reading for this Sunday in churches using the Revised Common Lectionary)What does Christ mean when he claims to be the "bread of life"?  How can we feast on such bread even while we fast? … [Read more...]

Friday Fast

Eat no food until 5PM.Fasting is critical for two primary reasons--to tame our desires and to reorient our hungers.  Spend the time you would spend at mealtimes focused on reorienting your hunger toward God.  Ask God to tame the addictions of your heart and to focus instead on finding fulfillment within the good things of God. … [Read more...]