Listening Prayer

Sit in silence for 20 minutes outdoors.  Listen carefully, isolating each sound as it comes--the wind, birds, bugs, the rustling of leaves.  Does God speak with these voices? … [Read more...]

A Child in the Arms of God

Each night, as I put my daughter to sleep there is a moment when she relaxes herself into my arms.  She has given up all resistance and is ready to simply trust and be held.It is this attitude that we should seek in our prayer--a complete rest in the arms of God.  Today, spend 20 minutes in silence, imagining that you are a child completely relaxed into the arms of God.  Let go of all of your struggles and simply rest there. … [Read more...]

Palms Down, Palms Up

Sit in a straight backed chair and imagine Christ before you.Place your palms down and give all of your thoughts, your worries, your hopes, your whole self to Christ.Place your palms up and receive from Christ love, hope, peace, patience, humility, and Christ's very person. … [Read more...]