The Work of Sabbath

To practice the Sabbath requires work.  It requires preparation yes, but more so it requires the mental discipline to leave things undone.  That pile of dishes--it can wait, however strong the draw is to finish it.  That last little bit of work you took home from the office--you have to leave it alone.  Over time these impulses will subside, but one must always stay vigilant to let the Sabbath do its work of redemptive delight in our lives.  We must stop working to let it work.Today, find one … [Read more...]


Part of what the Sabbath frees us from are the confines of a strict schedule, a long list of activities that dictate when and with whom we interact.  Today, go and spend time with loved ones--friends, family, neighbors.  Don't plan anything.  Just stop by on a walk around the neighborhood or drop in for a quick visit.  Or let other come to you.  Sit out on your porch.  Send out a text to friends saying, I'll be hanging out on the porch this afternoon so stop by and say hi.  Then turn your phone o … [Read more...]

Remember Your Story

The Church of the Sojourners is a Christian community committed to being a witness of Christ's Kingdom in the Mission District of San Francisco.  As a church family they engage in several Sabbath practices chosen "as a response to the question: How can I spend my time in a way which will help me remember the Story I’m in?"  The practices vary from things like gardening to lighting Sabbath candles, but everyone in the church makes a point to spend Sunday mornings in quiet reflection and medi … [Read more...]

The Peace of Creation

Go for an early morning or evening walk.  Delight in the creation and "rest in the grace of the world.""The Peace of Wild Things" by Wendell Berry … [Read more...]

The Difficulty of Pleasure

Pleasure can be a difficult thing.  Often we distract ourselves from true, deep pleasures by flitting from one small pleasure to the next.  For instance I love to buy books or look through them rather than enjoying the deeper, more difficult pleasure of actually sitting down to read.  The Sabbath was given as an invitation to take the time for true, deep pleasure.  So take today to truly enjoy the pleasures with which God has filled creation. … [Read more...]