A Whoopsy Daisy Doozy Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde today at 3 degrees of Cancer until July 1st, then Neptune retrograde Monday at 7 degrees of Pisces until November 16 and the stories have started coming in!

This is the opportunity to see things differently – that’s the main theme – you can “change your mind”. Everything is a matter of perception and this next few months gives many opportunities to alter the way we think – that opportunity might be stimulated by situations that would elicit a scared or negative or victimized response in the past – this time around an entirely new approach is possible, therefore a different feeling , therefore a different trajectory into the future outcome. Don’t take delivery of feelings of dis-empowerment, betrayal, depression or negativity, just say no.

This is a very emotional combination of energies so staying positively focused, pro-active and courageous will help.
Mercury rules the conscious mind and the world of words. Neptune rules the sub-conscious, psychic mind, and the world of pictures. This is a great time to work with your mental “picture”.

The inner spiritual world of multidimensional perception is shifting at the same time the outer, everyday, detail oriented messenger energy is shifting. It might feel like we have vertigo, or are dizzy somehow. This is a lot of perception change at the same time. Be careful with the doses of your medicine. Watch getting drunk really easily or eating something that upsets your stomach.

Extremes of up and down can occupy one moment, reality as we know it is taking on different proportions, dimensions and definitions. Lots of shape shifting and altered perceptions. Seeing things clearly can feel like a mind bending trip down the rabbit hole.

This will be a very interesting Mercury retrograde. It is in Cancer the sign of the home, family, children, parents, nurturing and safety. All things to do with creating the home and family you want that nurtures and feels good. So we might have to deal with mean people in the family that are suffering and want others to feel bad. Or the worst most difficult people might get themselves turned around now.

Mercury retrograde is famous for shaking things up and making us re-do, re-visit, re-turn, and re-vise. With Neptune, the planet of imagination and illusion, mystery, confusion and spiritual longing and forgetting things thrown in, it might be a good time for a vision quest, psychic, hypnotic, shamanic journey of some kind. A photographic walk down memory lane. I literally found a roll of film from 10 years ago; I can’t wait to see what’s on it – if I can find someone to develop it.

Things from the past will be coming out all over the place. You might feel lethargic and confused this coming week, pay attention, don’t be spaced out while operating heavy machinery! Take a nap, slow down, read a book.

Watch for making really strange mistakes. This is a great time to do one of those 5000 piece puzzles where every piece pretty much looks the same. Play chess, do a Rubik’s cube or walk a maze as a beginning meditation and reminder to look with wonder and patient expectation at the strange amazing attributes of this next couple of months.

Hold steady in the ability to observe, release putting a label on everything immediately and let’s watch this magical mystical sort of hallucinogenic mercury retrograde unfold.

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