Happy Birthday Virgo!

Happy Birthday Virgo! August 23 through September 22 Now is the time of Virgo – the harvest, the energy of analysis and thoughtful problem solving resulting in ever greater levels of perfection. Perfection, a puzzling concept because of course it is impossible on the material plane. Hence the Virgo’s critical, dissatisfied occasional bitchy mood – [Read More…]

Pluto Direct in Capricorn + Sun into Libra = Balanced Empowerment

Pluto goes direct today in Capricorn closely squaring Uranus in Aries. Mercury, the planet of communication just went into Libra, the sign of balance and fairness; add to that the Sun going into Libra for the Autumnal Equinox on Saturday and we’ve got a very distinct shifting of energy. Skipping down life’s stepping stone path, [Read More…]

Thanksgiving Comes Early as the Sun Enters Virgo

This week the Sun goes into Virgo the sign of healing, fixing, cleaning, the sign of the Virgin, the symbol of perfection and purity. Virgo is the sign of health, food and service. It is classically the time of year of the harvest. We bring in the crop that’s been growing all summer and replenish [Read More…]