Some Pretty Good Advice from Ecclesiastes for Valentine’s–and Every Other–Day

I just wished a faculty colleague Happy Valentine’s Day and told him, as I put it, “I’m writing exams, but at least I’m doing it across the kitchen table from the woman I hold dear.” That made me think about living in the moment. About living into the moment.Yesterday, I taught on Wisdom Literature. Proverbs. Ecclesiastes. Job. Song of Songs. We talked about how the Teacher (the main figure in Ecclesiastes) tears apart cheap, simple, and ultimately unsustainable formulas. “A stitch in time sa … [Read more...]

Thinking About Sex Lately

I’ve been thinking about sex lately. No, that’s not right.I’ve had sex on my mind a lot lately. No, that won’t do, either.I’m preoccupied with sex lately. Goodness, that’s even worse.So let me put it this way. A friend who’s in-the-know told me that 60% of all high school graduates have had sex, while 30% of all ninth-graders have had sex. That’s a lot of sex, and it got me thinking.I’m old enough to know these kids aren’t mature enough to make love even when they have sex. Their … [Read more...]