Am I a Spiritual Director?

Perhaps you have been reading Spiritual Direction 101 and have been wondering if you are—or could be—a spiritual director. You’ve read that training is important, advisable and enriching but since the profession is not “professionalized” (no standardized certification) training is not mandatory. You’ve read that some people fall into this work by nature of their [Read More…]

The essential practice of Radical Acceptance

One of the hardest spiritual practices in life is accepting that which we cannot change. Even in the case of events and situations that we can change, the practice of radical acceptance helps us find the patience we need while discerning and making the change. The term “radical acceptance” is used by many Buddhists to [Read More…]

The essential practice of Body Prayer

A body prayer is any prayer that incorporates movement. It can be as simple as taking a walk with the intention that your every step be a prayer. The most popular form of body prayer today is yoga. Combining breath and movement with the intention of connecting with the source of life is a powerful [Read More…]

The essential practice of the Breath Prayer

If we think of God being as close to us as our very breath, then breath prayer is a natural. Breath and spirit are closely linked in both the Hebrew scriptures and the New Testament.  In the book of Job, Elihu tells Job, “the spirit of God has made me and the breath of the [Read More…]

The essential practice of Guided Imagery

If images speak louder than words to you, then your spiritual director may invite you into guided imagery at times. It’s a way of letting your imagination mingle with the Spirit and run free. You can also use guided imagery on your own in your prayer time. Here are three of my favorite, simple ways [Read More…]

The essential practice of Centering Prayer

We need to practice stillness in order to become comfortable with it. When the Psalmist wrote “Be still and know that I am God,” he was telling us that to be in relationship with God, we need to settle down and become peaceful and still. Since knowing and experiencing God is what spiritual direction is [Read More…]

The essential practice of Lectio Divina

Have you ever read something  that led to such a deep and exciting insight that you had to stop, read it again, mull it over and sink into gratitude for having stumbled across just what you needed to read? If so, you know something about the essential spiritual practice of lectio divina—the Latin term for [Read More…]

The Spiritual Practices of Spiritual Direction: The Examen

Reflecting on our lives is the heart of spiritual direction. Our life is where we meet and experience the Source of all life, so looking at where we’ve been and what we’ve become is how we develop awareness of the Spirit’s way of being with us. There is no better prayer practice for reflection than [Read More…]

Common Spiritual Longings

Spiritual direction is a specialty ministry. It is designed to assist those who long for a companion on their spiritual journey. It’s not particularly goal-oriented like life coaching or diagnostic like therapy. Not everyone needs spiritual direction. Some people find guidance in a host of other places: within themselves, from friends, from spiritual reading, or [Read More…]

Warning Signs in Spiritual Direction

In spiritual direction as in much of life, you have to be careful. While most spiritual directors (I believe) are highly ethical and want only the best for you, there have been cases of abuse by spiritual directors. That is why I recommend everyone interested in spiritual direction (directors and directees) obtain and read a [Read More…]