Change is Happening

Most of us sense there is a change going on – something feels different about our lives and the world. It can look and feel like life is falling apart which is creating fear and panic in many people. Our old sense of security and stability is disintegrating; our familiar systems are collapsing all around us. Even the weather seems to be getting into the act – unpredictable, destructive, uncontrollable, and scary.

So have we been our own worst enemy? Have we created an unsustainable, unsupportive, and destructive environment for ourselves? Or have we taken a direction that would force our evolution?

There are always multiple perspectives – many ways we could see what is happening. We could take the optimistic and hopeful perspective that our souls know what they’re doing; or take the fearful, pessimistic view that we are greedy, unconsciousness and selfish humans doomed to extinction.

I choose the positive perspective. When the caterpillar is transitioning into a butterfly – it starts to fall apart, parts begin to die off. This is something that happens to allow the butterfly to emerge. It’s doubtful that the caterpillar has fear or anxiety around this metamorphosis. It intuitively or instinctively knows this is part of its journey to some other life experience. But we seem to have lost touch with our intuition and inner knowing and so when we can’t see beyond the present circumstances, our minds go into chaos and fear.

When I am still and quiet my mind, my intuition tells me something grand is occurring. I don’t believe this is merely a physical wake up call – a sign that we need to treat the planet better – or to stop wars, starvation, and injustice. I believe that we are experiencing something bigger and much more profound.

Einstein said that a problem cannot be solved by the same mind or thinking that created the problem in the first place.

Trying to change situations on the outside, with our old way of doing things, is not working – and it’s arduous. There is too much resistance from people – too many people arguing and defending their religious belief systems and political views. There is too much “them against us” thinking on the planet.

I believe what we need to do – what we’re ultimately forcing ourselves to do – is to shift our thinking, to have a different understanding of life, ourselves, and concept of  “reality.” We need to change on the inside and evolove our consciousness.

One of the beliefs that causes trouble here is our belief that we are limited, physical beings who live in a finite world, one of scarcity and lack, that there is only so much to go around so we must fight to get what we can and struggle to survive.

Quantum physics is telling us that “reality” – everything we think we see, feel, and hear – is actually just energy; that matter is not just an infinitesimal part of what exists, but that matter is actually not solid at all, it’s made of energy. And in this field of infinite energy, subatomic particles constantly pop in and out of existence; waves of energy and information make up everything we see, feel and experience.

E = MC2 is a profound statement – mass is energy. But we’re not living with an awareness of that amazing discovery. We’re living an old paradigm or belief system that says we – and the entire universe – are biological or physical machines that exist for a brief time then eventually suffer entropy, disintegration, and death.

If everything is energy, how is this possible? If our skin is just made of energy, how could it age? If our bodies are energy, how could they become ill or diseased?

And quantum physicists are finding evidence to show that our consciousness affects this energy field, that there are just waves of information and all possibilities until an observer focuses attention on the field. Then particles blink into existence.

So “reality” is just waves of energy – a field of all possibilities – then our consciousness makes something pop into existence by focusing on it. This information should be life changing for all of us. We’ll be discussing more about this – and other paradigm shattering information – as time goes on.

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