Aura Color Personalities & Pets

People have asked about pets and aura color compatibility so this is what I’ve observed over the years. Generally, but not always, these are the pets found with the different aura colors personalities: Yellows like dogs and dogs like Yellows. Both are fun and playful. Both love to exercise and run around outdoors. Physical and [Read More…]

Your Aura Colors & Relationships

Your Aura Colors & Relationships Why are some people compatible with you and you feel instantly comfortable with them, while others can rub you the wrong way? The answer can be found in your electro-magnetic field, sometimes called the aura or bio-energy that radiates from you. Author and aura expert Pamala Oslie has discovered, through [Read More…]

Predictions 2016!

People have asked me to share what I see for 2016 (and beyond) so here it is. I always encourage people to listen to their own intuition, so please believe, imagine, and envision any personal and global future that you desire. I have no political, religious, or economic agenda here. I respect people’s individual beliefs. [Read More…]