The Face of a Goat

By Dr. Vivianne Crowley blogger at the Patheos Pagan ChannelI was seven years old. I was returning from an afternoon spent playing in the woods and walking up the steep road home to the farm. The tarmac was hot and haze shimmered on the road and I was tired. Then shining on one side of the road, I saw what I thought was an egg. I stopped and picked it up and it was warm in my hand and heavy. It was a stone. I turned it over and there was that stopping in time and space that occurs when we … [Read more...]

Make the Moment – How Churches can get Involved


What is THE MOMENT?The Moment is USA’s first inspirational-reality series where nine individuals are given a second chance to pursue their dream job. As these participants explore the lingering “What If” questions they may find answers that ultimately change their lives forever.What makes THE MOMENT special/different?THE MOMENT is a rare find in the world of reality television, it is an inspirational series that will appeal to audiences of all ages and provide great fodder for discu … [Read more...]

Why I Am a Freethinker

By Chris HighlandAs a former "person of faith" who no longer has a "faith tradition" I am sensitive to the divisiveness of labels--they don't stick to me very well any more. Usually when people ask if I'm an Atheist I reply that I'm a Freethinker. I am not Anti-Faith or Anti-God. I'm Pro-Good and Pro-Reason. I have friends, family and colleagues who are people of faith. I've devoted most of my life to helping others as a chaplain, a teacher, a writer, a social worker, doing what is needed, … [Read more...]

Liar, Lunatic, Lord

Patheos Spirituality Channel welcomes Marcus Brotherton from the Patheos Family Channel in his submission to the Stepping Stones on your Spiritual Journey SeriesI was driving back from an airshow with an SUV full of WWII veterans when I was asked outright: “Marcus, what religion are you, anyway?”I never know how to answer that.It’s honestly asked, yet it tends to invite misunderstanding and judgment. No matter what you answer, you’re bound to get stuffed into a box.I say “honest … [Read more...]