Show Up to What Shows Up

Written by guest blogger Philip Bourdon How do you respond to significant and “unexpected” circumstances such as being offered a new job, being fired from a present job, having a bad car accident or discovering that you are seriously ill? If you are a conservative evangelical Christian, most likely you simply consider it “God’s will” and [Read More…]

Bringing Alive Lessons from Parker Palmer: embrace paradox in teaching and teachers

The beginning of the school year shows how spirit dampening schools can be. Some lessons from Parker Palmer and from Young Quakers can help to revive the spark of learning. [Read more…]

The Necessity of Unity in Diversity

While Absolute Unity, or nonduality, has always been the nature of the eternal realm, dualities here in the temporal realm dominate, and are often seen as conflicting. How are these oppositions to be reconciled if we want to achieve the promise of harmony and world peace? The good news is we have a built in [Read More…]

Leah Pearlman on the Journey from Co-creation of the Facebook ‘Like’ button to Dharma Comics

Not many people can say they “led the creation of the iconic Facebook ‘Like’ button” and then moved onto making stick figures beautiful.  This is the partial story of Leah Pearlman, creator and founder of Dharma Comics. Dharma Comics is a popular web comic series that displays the pretty and not-so-pretty aspects of life that [Read More…]

Why disobedience is a spiritual attribute

Disobedience? We’ve all done it, sooner or later we don’t conform or even outright flout a rule. Sometimes though, disobedience can be a spiritual attribute which brings us new energy and new ideas. [Read more…]

Healing a Broken World – Does The Answer Really Lie Within?

A couple of nights ago, my partner, Leo, and I watched a video online about a gardener in Aleppo, a man who stayed in the city even when bombs were dropping daily and the population had dwindled by 75%. The camera shows the man, surrounded by abandoned buildings and rubble, handing out handfuls of brightly [Read More…]

Spirituality meets Science-Fiction in Jeff Nichols’, Midnight Special

Thrust into an emotionally daunting parental landscape filled with unprecedented unknowns, Roy and his estranged wife, Sarah, have a major challenge on their hands.  Their son, Alton Meyer, is clearly destined for something as his capacities defy all earthly capabilities. Alton is not like them.  In fact, he’s not like any of us. Presented with [Read More…]

Understanding the Spiritual Marketplace – From Monopoly to Open Access

Religious Market Dynamics While many would assert that religion concerns ultimate—often supernatural—truth claims, sociologically speaking, religion also has social and practical functions. The practice of religion represents a complex exchange of set of rights and services facilitated by religious communities. Religious communities respond to human needs by offering meaning/purpose, belonging, and community. They each offer [Read More…]

From Panic and Anxiety to The Art of Surrender

I know, I know. You’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover. However, the first time I saw the book cover for The Art of Surrender: A Practical Guide to Enlightened Happiness and Well-Being, by Eiman Al Zaabi, something resonated within me. Quite often, when I take walks, I find bird feathers on my path. [Read More…]

Remembering That We Are Sacred Beings

Recognizing love as the source of our core identity helps us remember at the same time that we are souls on an eternal journey. One very vivid illustration of what this all-pervasive love can look like for us, and how it can change our perception of ourselves, was given by Patricia Locke, a Lakota educator [Read More…]