Working ritual with the Center, Pt1


This is the first in a 2-part series exploring a new technique for creating special time and space. This part introduces the key symbol, the Center. Last Samhain’s ritual script experimented with a new technique for creating special time and space (i.e. sacred space): working with the Center. In short, participants circumambulate a chosen focal [Read More...]

How to Stay Mindful


Recently I had the pleasure of attending a gathering of spiritual naturalists and similar folks at a local tea house. One in our group recommended we discuss an issue he’d been dealing with: how to stay mindful throughout the day? We all learn and read about various teachings, wisdom, and more but as the day’s [Read More...]

The Power of Gratitude

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I am a Humanist, which, among other things means I view the world through a natural vs supernatural lens. Part of my practice as a Humanist is to actively be grateful to the people in my life that make living such a joy. I realize my time here on earth is limited, and in the [Read More...]

The Other Resource


A spirited discussion about the relationship of science and religion has been going on for a long while. This discussion has largely focused on questions of cosmology and the ultimate nature of our world. I would like to suggest that another, perhaps more important, component of this discussion has received far less attention: the valuation [Read More...]

Hurricane Sandy: A Spiritual Naturalist take on tragedy


A commonly heard response of many religious and spiritual people during times of disaster is, “I’ll pray for you”. Spiritual Naturalists are a varied bunch and some may engage in some kinds of contemplative prayer. But in our case, we view ritual as a means to help focus our own thoughts and cultivate inner qualities. [Read More...]

Spirituality and Marriage


As a Humanist minister, I have had the honor of conducting the wedding services for many couples. As we work together on the wording of the service and their vows, it calls upon both the couple and myself to think about the meaning of marriage. In this article, I will share some thoughts on the [Read More...]

Distractions to Spiritual Practice, Pt 2

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This is the second in a 4-part series which explains, in each part, one of four deceptive distractions to a core purpose of spiritual practice: cultivating, with applied practices, wisdom and a character that is more capable of flourishing. That is, addressing fear, anger, and greed; compassion for all beings and an inner happiness not [Read More...]

Distractions to Spiritual Practice, Pt 1

Everyone has an opinion, but how does this help me to love my neighbor or address my suffering?

Recently I have noticed some recurring concepts in many of the discourses I’ve been attending in our local Spiritual Naturalist chapter and various other discussions. These have to do, not with obvious distractions, but with things that often draw our attention and may be worthy endeavors, but may seem like they are central to spirituality [Read More...]

Love Naturally


“Love they neighbor as thyself” is one of the finer sentiments contained in the Bible. But it’s not  commonly practiced. One reason may be that the Bible doesn’t provide any good tips on how to actually love someone you don’t really like. The Buddhist practice of loving-kindness or metta meditation provides a mean to do [Read More...]

New Theists: Knowers, Not Believers


Today’s article is by guest writer and our Society Advisory Board member, Rev. Michael Dowd. The Society brings together religious and spiritual naturalists from all backgrounds, from Humanist to Pagan to Buddhist and more.  Rev. Dowd has expressed a fully naturalist Christian path in his book, Thank God for Evolution! and his other writing and [Read More...]