Have A Samosa

samosa final

This post is going to seem like a weird and abrupt departure from my last piece, which was about my participation in a Jewish study program in Jerusalem, but dangit I had to share this before Ramadan.  So if you are having trouble transitioning from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, maybe this will help:  This Ramadan I [Read More...]

Ten Things About the Hartman Program


As Twitter continues it’s meltdown over my Time article yesterday, which I fully expected, I thought it may be best to address some of the concerns, criticisms, and rage about the article and the program itself.  So here is a list of ten things that are important to understand as you think about this program. [Read More...]

A Gift for Abu

Abu today, may God always preserve him.

“What do you gift to a man who doesn’t have everything, but wants virtually nothing? This is what I’ve been thinking about as Father’s Day approached and I realized the most precious gift I could give my father would be words honoring him.” [Read more...]

Jerusalem: Full Disclosure


People connected to me on social media, and in my own personal life, know that I’m in Jerusalem right now, as I was last summer.  There is much to share about this experience, and many have asked me to write about it, but first I have to begin with a confession about how I got [Read More...]

How to Get a Divorce


“I’m not being facetious when I say this. The Quran and Sunnah are fairly clear on divorce issues. But Muslims are pretty unclear on them. Consider this article somewhat of a primer on when and how to go about the big split. When I’m approached by someone for counseling on these issues, this is essentially what I tell them.” [Read more...]

Give Muhammad a Chance

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“I truly appreciate the attempts by our scholars and others to cultivate the will and interest of younger men in marrying older women, but I just want to push back a little on how this is being framed. In assuring them of the gallantry of such a decision, that there is no disgrace in it, that it doesn’t make them less manly, we almost seem to be reinforcing all of their hesitations. This script needs some flipping.” [Read more...]