Serial Episode 5: Lets Talk About Cells, Baby

Now, according to Serial’s investigation and plotting the cell towers for the rest of the day, until about 6pm, Jay’s testimony does not match the cell towers, as I mentioned earlier. From around 1pm to around 3:45-4:15 Jay was at Jenn’s house (according to Jen), and got a call he was expecting at which point he left. As I said in my last post, in that time frame, two calls were actually made to Jenn’s house. While apparently Jay was actually there. I haven’t seen this explained yet but I have to wonder – was Jay actually ever at Jenn’s house that afternoon? [Read more…]

Serial Episodes 3 & 4: What Tangled Webs

My theory is that Mr. S wasn’t connected to Hae’s death but heard something from someone about her being buried there, in that exact spot. I’m not saying its weird for a streaker to be so concerned about privacy that he walked 127 feet into the woods to take a quick leak (mm hmm) but I am saying that there is no way her body could have been found (given how it was buried as explained in the show) unless you knew exactly where to look for her. Or unless you were a bloodhound. [Read more…]

Serial Episodes 1 & 2: The Alibi Mystery and Dating on the DL

“Dating” among Muslims and Southasians is tricky. So tricky that most people aren’t even comfortable calling it dating. Among the euphemisms used for dating are: seeing someone, talking to someone, with someone, involved. But dating? That’s not allowed.

So while episode 2 of the podcast may have shocked and astonished the broader public listening, I can guarantee most Muslims raised in the West, and even kids of immigrant parents from Southasia writ large, were nodding their heads at Adnan’s story.” [Read more…]

Life Plus 30: Murder, Lies, & The Anatomy of a Wrongful Conviction

“Cover her face; mine eyes dazzle. She died young.” ― John Webster, The Duchess of Malfi The facts of Adnan’s case will unravel over the next few months with the new show from This American Life called “Serial”. In the first episode you’ll hear the background of the case and how I tracked down an alibi witness that [Read More…]

Why They Stay: Battered and Immigrant

I am certainly missing many other reasons women stay with their abusers, but these are just a few I’ve heard from women over the years. In the same time, and at fairly progressive masaajid, I’ve requested khutbahs on the topic, requested DV workshops, requested resources be made available in the women’s restrooms or women’s worship areas, but was usually rebuffed. I’ve been told more than once it’s not a topic relevant to the community, or that the Imam did not want to embarrass the brothers at Jummah. [Read more…]

Are Returning ISIS Fighters a Threat to the U.S.?

ISIS has emerged from all other violent extremist groups as the most organized, successful, and terrifying terrorist outfit in the world today. Their territorial victories, slick digital presence, and rapid development of state-like functions is leaving the best political and military minds in the U.S. at a loss, and driving fears of attacks on American soil. At the root of this fear is the phenomenon of foreign fighters joining ISIS ranks, in light of the group’s success at recruiting young Muslim men from the West. It is estimated that roughly 100 Americans have joined ISIS, along with many more Muslims from Europe. The question that then follows is what will happen if these fighters return home?
[Read more…]