More Snaps

If you are a glutton for photos of my ordination and first Mass there are loads on the St Joseph’s School website. Just link here and then advance through.

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  • sarabellepalsy

    hello and congratulations! i’m new to your site … loved the pics of your ordination & first mass. were you wearing a scapular w/your clerics? are you a religious and, if so, what order?

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    Well spotted! I am a Benedictine oblate, and the Abbot of my monastery (Downside) has given me permission to wear the Benedictine scapular with my clerical dress.

  • sarabellepalsy

    That is so very cool! I was a little confused. I thought you looked Benedictine, but didn’t recognize the specific habit. I’m in the discernment process myself; 2nd-career vocation I guess you’d call me. I don’t feel called to the priesthood … yet … but to the monastic life most certainly. I’m going back & forth btwn the benedictines & the trappists.

  • sarabellepalsy

    fr. longenecker: i don’t see a link to your email, so if you want to contact me re: vocation stuff, you may do so at: