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Eric Scheske of The Daily Eudemon writes a regular column about Catholic blogging for the excellent National Catholic Register. This week he comments on the lack of humor in Catholic blogs. The humor, he remarks, is either banal (pictures of people with silly hats on or babies with bowls os spaghetti upside down on their heads) or else it is just dumb. He observes that many jokes to be really funny have to be a little bit irreverent or sexy, and that precludes Catholic bloggers.

He should pay more attention to the UK bloggers. There is a gang of young, orthodox British bloggers out there who blend trad Catholicism with a Monty Python sense of the absurd. There’s a good mix of self mockery, subtle inside jokes that run on and on and become more elaborate and ridiculous the longer they run. There is also a sense of fun about their love of incense, ritual and ‘priestcraft.’ As an American who lived in England for longer than I like to admit, maybe I get the jokes more readily than most of my (sometimes rather earnest fellow Americans)

Here’s a tour: Joee Blogs is a young Catholic medical student in London who recounts the adventures of his very orthodox Catholic teddy bear named Joee Blogs. (Note the literary allusion to the aristoratic Catholic Lord Sebastian Flyte and his bear Aloysius.) Joee was recently abducted, which made for quite a long stream of hilarious difficulties.

Another blogger at Cally’s Kitchen records his enthusiasm for rugby, traditional Catholicism, has regular intellectual conversations with a cow, and tracks down the poster boy of English trad Catholicism–the excellent Fr Whinder. This fellow also writes film reviews and posts obscure references to the anarchical and hilarious BBC Radio 4 programme (whoops, lapsed into a Brit spelling) I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue.

Meanwhile, journalist, author and EWTN star, Joanna Bogle at Auntie Joanna Writes, records a breathless routine of travelling all over Britain doing good works and building up the Catholic faithful. Her blog is a hearty mix of Catholic orthodoxy, good humor and cheerful, robust saintliness. A typical entry might be, ‘cycled across London in the pouring rain to meet Mama at Paddington Station for tea. Scrumptious tea in a cosy place off Little Witherington Street. Fresh scones, strawberry jam, clotted cream and yummy cucumber sandwiches with the crust cut off. Caught the 5.53 train for Little Snoring to speak to a Catholic women’s group about puff pastry and the Confraternity of St Etheldreda. Wrote three articles on the train and read a spiffing book by Ronnie Knox.”

Another great blog by British woman is Mulier Fortis. Plenty of pithy comment, cheerful good humor and British irony.

Priestly blogs include Roman Miscellany and The Hermeneutic of Continuity. Fr Nicholas and Fr Tim both write erudite, but light hearted and cheerful blogs that echo with good humor, jollity and the joy of being orthodox Catholics. Godzdogz is run by some upbeat young Dominicans at Oxford while Orthfully Catholic is a jaunty blog run by unapologetically orthodox young seminarians.

Check out my revised blog roll for quick links to wunnerful British Blogs. Dunadan also publishes a whole list of British Catholic blogs if mine aren’t enough for you. Here’s another collection

  • Jeff

    Check your spelling of “hermeneutic”. Papa B always gets steaming mad when people foul that up and starts jingling those keys…

  • Mac McLernon

    Thanks for the mention, Fr D! Glad to see that you appreciate the humour (we Brits are an acquired taste!!);-)

  • Anonymous

    I’m still grappling with the idea that Catholic blogs don’t post a lot of funny stuff. His description of the humor he finds doesn’t sound at all like the blogs I read, and they’re all pretty mainstream members of St. Blog’s. Well, maybe it’s the blogs, and maybe it’s just him.

  • Fr Nicholas

    Thanks for the mention, Father! I like your image of mixing a Monty Python-esque sense of the ridiculous with unashamed orthodoxy!

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    Standing on My Head is trying to do this too, but doesn’t much succeed. Have you read my book Adventures in Orthodoxy? I think you’d like it

  • Fr Nicholas

    Yes, I have – any more books in the pipeline?

  • Anonymous

    While familiar with most of these other blogs, the three I am most appreciative of, are those of Fr Raymond Blake; Fr Sean Finegan the recent blog started by Matthew Doyle you haven’t mentioned any of these, I recommend that you check them out. They all deserve to be better known.

  • hilary

    Nobody loves me.

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    I love you Hilary. I’ve looked at your blogs and will post soon.