Curt Jester Still Like It

The Curt Jester still loves Adventures in Orthodoxy.

Well, at least somebody does. It’s very discouraging when your favorite book isn’t really the favorite book of many others.

Maybe its a sleeper. Click here to check it out, and drop me a line if you’d like me to email you a sample chapter!

  • Andrew

    It’s a great book, I picked up a copy a couple of weeks ago & have enjoyed it.

  • Nigel the Convert

    A brilliant and much under-appreciated book, Fr Dwight. A friend who is now a monk gave me a copy when I was still on the wrong side of the Tiber and it certainly encouraged me to jump in! (even if I needed a little more prodding to finally climb onto the opposite bank).In fact, your books were pretty important in my conversion. I still frequently consult the great dialogue you wrote with David Gustafson about Mary – usually when I am having a “Protestant moment” about the Marian dogmas!