The ‘Dark’ Ages?

Roving Medievalist is one of my favorite blogs. Who would have thought that someone in Toledo, Ohio of all places would have such a delightful and eccentric enthusiasm, and would create such a good looking blog for gandering at all things medieval.

Check in for a daily dose of all things gothic and ecclesiastical. Saxon fonts, neo gothic monstrosities, manuscript illuminations, castles, cathedrals and all enthusiastically Catholic.

This site will remind you that the Middle Ages were the flowering of Christendom, and the Dark Ages begain (ironically enough) with the so called Enlightenment.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Who would have thought Toledo would have one of the top ten art museums in the US? But it does. Thanks, but in fairness, I have to point out that I’m the product of a mildly insane British/Pennsylvania German/New England family and lived in Pennsylvania for my first 46 years.

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    We might as well be brothers. I too am the product of a British/Danish/Swiss/German/Mennonite/Amish Pennsylvania familyWho would have thought that Greenville SC would have one of the world’s finest private collections of Christian medieval art? But it does at Bob Jones University of all places.You ought to visit sometime. If you’re down this way I’ll be your host.

  • Andrew

    Father, did you have your first Mass or your ordination Mass videoed?I have a copy of Fr. Christopher Smith’s Mass. It was glorious to see the Pauline Rite celebrated so reverently.

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    I am still sorting through the stuff, and I think I have a video of the ordination, but not the first mass. I am afraid I am not quite the liturgist nor the Latinist that Fr Smith is. I’m sure his first Mass was a model!