Blog Awards

In keeping with clerical humility, modesty, blah blah blah…I was determined to take no notice of the Catholic Blog awards. Not for me the check up to see if I was nominated. Not for me a shameless plea for votes. Not for me the daily biting of nails to see if I won an award. Not for me the tearful acceptance speech, the air kissing of colleagues cheeks and the heartfelt thanks to dear old Aunty Em.

But I have succumbed and discovered that I have indeed been nominated for the best apologetic blog and the best blog by a seminarian/priest.

Thank you thank you dear readers! I don’t deserve the awards of the academy. I have only tried to bring my own poor talents to the blogosphere, and how humbled I am to receive this great and beautiful award….(pause for gulp, tears and brave smile) Thank you so much…

  • Dean

    We love you. . . We really love you! Remember us when you are at the top!We need all the intercessory prayer we can get. =)You’ve got my vote Father.

  • kkollwitz

    Sic transit gloria blogi.

  • Jon

    From the picture it looks like you lost weight.Just don’t forget to thank all the little people when you win.

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    Yes, and my wig was really tight…