The Weather Outside is Frightful

Snow in South Carolina means a day off school. This is chez Longenecker. The house is full of kids playing games and having some down time.

I’ve had the chance to update my blog, add some permanent links so y’all can listen to my homilies if you want. Before long I’ll have a link from the blog to my weekly homily in text form, as well as an updated archive on my website of all my articles from the last few years. Use them as you see fit, just ask first if you want to re-publish them anywhere.

I was also interviewed on Relevant Radio this morning. Did anybody out there in radio land catch it?

  • Michele

    I heard it, Father, here in Austin, TX (where we had a few snowflakes ourselves a couple of weeks ago, shut the whole city down for three days!). I always tune into Morning Air on Thursdays for Theology of the Body with Father Loya, and I was delighted when Shawn said, “Next hour we’ll talk to Father Dwight Longenecker”! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog (I’m a recent revert b/c of our beloved JPII). I thought you’d be on for the whole hour, so I missed the end of the interview while getting from my car to my work, and y’all were saying goodbye by the time I logged on to my computer. Too short! did I miss anything good?

  • Anonymous

    I heard it also, Father, here in Wisconsin. So interesting. Also, I had the day off from school due to the snow in South Carolina. I take a Latin class through and our teacher gave us a snow day as she is in South Carolina and had internet problems due to this rare snowfall. God Bless you and your family.