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The tomb of Jesus has been discovered in Ohio!! Go here to see for yourself.

  • Brad Harvey

    That`s just up the road from me a piece! Who knew???:-)I sacrificed 2 hours of badly needed sleep to watch that mess last night. What was I thinking?Loved what the AIA had to say about it.

  • robadrienne

    Hi!I want to ask someone about some Catholic doctrine…anyone up for it?- Adrienne from Boston

  • robadrienne

    Hi, again.If this isn’t the place to get questions answered, can you let me know where to go? I’ve tried to Yahoo! Groups about “Catholic Inquiry” and can’t get anyone to email me to say if they’ll answer any questions or not! (I haven’t even asked anything yet…) Thanks.- Adrienne from Boston

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    robadrienne: you can email me