The Boy Bishop

For St Nicholas Day I posted about the tradition of the Boy Bishop.

Our blogger at Westminster Cathedral in London (not to be confused with the ecclesiastical museum Westminster Abbey) has lots of pictures and stuff about their recent Boy Bishop ceremony. Have a look.

It’s a pity about the mitre. Surely Watt & Co. the swanky ecclesiastical outfitter in Tufton Street, in the classy back streets of Westminster could have done a boy-sized pointy hat?

I’d like to see a tradition like this started in the Vatican. We could called him the Kid Cardinal. The gear could come from the papal outfitters. You know who I mean. What are they called?

  • Aaron Sandbothe


  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    Gammarelli indeed, but is it spelled correctly?

  • Andrew

    Gammarelli is correct. They don’t have a website though. Barbiconi does.