UK Catholic Bloggers Meet

Last night in London, England the inner circle of UK Catholic bloggers met to plan their takeover of the world of Catholic blogging. In this rare photograph, the highly secretive cabal can be seen for the first time.

Left to right are Fr.Nicholas of Roman Miscellany The mysterious conversant with cows, Dunadan, Fr Tim Finigan, and the Strong Woman.

I have only two things to say:

1. Amy Welborn and Mark Shea look out.

2. I miss Fr. Whinder.

  • the dúnadan

    In case anyone is wondering, I spent the week in Dorset, came back for the talk and returned by train last night in time for today’s interview. It’s a tough life interviewing clever cows!Amy who?? Talk about below the radar!Fr Whinder is coming to Kingsland in June to give a talk. I will be there with my secret camera.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    I still say Fr. Whinder should start a blog. He’d already have an audience.

  • HanseaticEd

    Hey! How come I wasn’t invited?!? ;-)

  • Mac McLernon

    Jeffrey, you have no idea how long it took Fr Whinder to start to use email… his idea of technological advance is to use a fountain pen rather than a quill!!

  • Esther

    So that is Mac!

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Mac: Tell the good Father that if an old relic like me can figure out how to do it, anyone can.

  • Mac McLernon

    Jeffrey, it’s not that he can’t: he just won’t……must be against his religion or something!!;-)

  • Jeron

    I’ll pay top dollar if someone can get me a picture of Joee Blogs.

  • Andrew

    I thought the photo was of an Anglican Priests Meet and Mac was a WomanPriest®™ =)