Book Meme

John at Prodigal’s Rest has tagged me for this meme:

Books I am reading now:
1. Confessions by St Augustine
2. The Third Secret – Steve Berry (an airport novel)
3. Helena – Evelyn Waugh
4. Cacique – a novel of Florida’s heroic Mission History – Bishop Robert Baker and Tony Sands
5. The Jesus Inquest – Charles Foster
6. Marking the Hours – Eamon Duffy

Books I’ve read recently
1. The Night is Far Spent – Thomas Howard
2. Jane Austen and the Clergy – Irene Collins
3. Peter Calvay, hermit – Raynor Torkington
4. Liberty in Jesus – L.David Mitchell
5. The Reform of the Roman Liturgy – Mgr. Klaus Gamber

Books that Have Influenced Me most
1. The Bible
2. The Book of Common Prayer
3. The Catechism of the Catholic Church
4. Stripping of the Altars – Eamon Duffy
5. English Reformations – Christopher Haigh
6. The Early Christian Fathers – Bettenson
7. The Development of Christian Doctrine – Cardinal Newman
8. The Story of a Soul and The Last Conversations – St Therese
9. The Rule of St Benedict

I tag the Owl of the Remove and Fr Ray Blake