Fit to be Thai’d

Andrew has gone to Bangkok, Thailand, and posts some great photos of the Catholic Churches there. This is my favorite, but have a look here at the others.

Some are pretty conventional modern Catholic Churches. Others are traditional in a Western style. The most interesting ones combine oriental idiom in architecture with Christian tradition.

What do you think? Isn’t it grand to be Catholic with so much diversity and yet an underlying unity? This is one of the traits of the true Church–it keeps touch with the universal aspect while allowing for the local to be expressed. The truth is expressed in these churches. They are not just Thai temples with a cross on top. Neither are they all Western churches plopped down in Thailand. Instead they are the universal Catholic faith expressed in Thai.

Well, I think they’re beautiful anyway…

…and another thing. Have you considered how awesome it is to belong to a church that produces buildings like this, but it’s the same church that produced the monastic community on Skellig Michael in the 500s? (see post below) Throw in everything else from Chartres Cathedral, the baroque splendor, the medieval monasteries and the humble chapels and churches the world over and, well, I’m just blown away and delighted by it all. Forgive me. I sometimes can’t help being enthusiastic. Remember, I come from a background where all the churches were identical utilitarian preaching halls.