Interview with Beckwith

The reversion of noted Evangelical theologian Francis Beckwith to the Catholic faith made for much discussion in the blogosphere some weeks back. About the same time a mini storm was going on here about ‘Evangelical Catholicism’.
If you would like to understand why a cradle Catholic left to become Evangelical, and why he has now returned to the Catholic faith read Tim Drake’s interview with Beckwith here.

The article reveals the weaknesses in the Catholic Church during the immediate post Vatican II era. Beckwith basically says he took off because the Catholic church tried to be all groovy, but if he wanted groovy he might as well join the Evangelicals because they did groovy a lot better. He came back because ‘groovy’ wasn’t good enough. However, he also speaks intelligently about the better aspects of Evangelicalism and points out what we have to learn from our fellow Christians.

Another read that does the same thing is a book by my wife’s favorite author called More Christianity.

  • Susan Johnston

    More Christianity (if you are too modest to say so yourself) does this very well indeed, and what I find compelling about it, apart from its straightforward account of the mystery of C.S. Lewis’s non-conversion to Catholicism, is the loving account it provides of both evangelical Protestantism and the Catholic Church. The only thing I regret about the book is that it doesn’t use the lovely piece you wrote for one of Patrick Madrid’s Surprised by Truth books as an introduction, which I think would be very interesting for people “wondering where you’re coming from” on the issue.