Meme from the Phillipines

I’ve been tagged with a meme from the young blogger from the Phillipines who is a natural writer with a refreshing take on his Catholic faith. I’m supposed to tell you what I’m reading at the moment: I’ve always got several books on the go. I’m reading Eamon Duffy’s latest: Marking the Hours. I’ve got Lyndall Gordon’s biography of T.S.Eliot, just finished a little book on the spiritual life called Peter Calvay–Hermit, I’m always reading and re-reading Eliot’s Four Quartets and I’ve just finished re-reading Screwtape Letters because I’m trying to finish writing my Lent book, The Gargoyle Code.

  • Theocoid

    I’ve read Stripping the Altars and found it quite compelling. I’ve heard some criticism of Duffy’s take because of his Catholicism. Do you think the claim is warranted?

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    No. He is Catholic, but he is also a very professional historian.