More Good News from the UK

Here’s more evidence that the tide of popular opinion is turning against the abortion free for all in Britain. A UK doctor was asked for an abortion by a woman 28 weeks pregnant. He refused. (the law in the UK allows abortion up to 24 weeks) When she returned a few weeks later he saw that she was no longer pregnant. She said, ‘I had it sorted out privately.’ The doctor suspects she went to BPAS (British Pregnancy Advisory Service) which is a private abortion mill and has called in the police.

  • Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ

    Awful isn’t it?

  • Mark

    Whilst this is an awful thing, I am glad to see the right response from the authorities here.(Remember who I work for…) I was flabbergasted the other day when someone queried why abortion was on a list of offences; I couldn’t believe they didn’t understand that even the secular age imposes some time limits/constraints.

  • benfan

    This makes me feel sooo sick.We need to pray for mother, child and all those who had a hand in this horror.

  • Clare Krishan

    Re: “…all those who had a hand in this horror” Here’s a clue hidden in the article:”In 2005, a Department of Health report found that BPAS gave out the telephone numbers of overseas abortion clinics too readily to British patients”Now where, I wonder, was she welcomed as a “free-market” customer? Here in the US perhaps?