Pray for Madeleine

I have been very busy the last week, so very little time for blogging, however, please glance at this article about a beautiful English child who was snatched from her family while on holiday in Portugal. They’re Catholic. Prayers please.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for posting this. I have seen very little about this on any Catholic blogs. As a parent, this just breaks my heart. PLEASE pray for Madeleine and her family. (If prayer won the Battle of Lepanto – Oct. 7 – Our Lady of the Rosary -, then surely we should all be “storming heaven” for this little girl and her family!). Pray for Madeleine.

  • a father

    Yes, anonymous.As a parent with a little girl of about the same age as this little one, my heart aches, and my mind is continually distracted by the unspeakable pain that family must be going through.The whole business of no knowing; the constant questions about what is happening to the little girl, and whether or not she is alive, must be agonizing. The whole situation, as any such disappearance would be, is an indescribable nightmare. We continue to pray. And pray.

  • Anonymous

    Oh St Anthony please find this child and return her alive and well to her parents. Our tears are before you and before the Throne day and night.

  • Anonymous

    We join to pray that little Madeleine is found soon and returned safely to her parents, that she is unharmed and that her parents continue to find strength. Any parent can but feel so deeply for you all. We pray each day for you.

  • Anonymous

    Here is a link to the e-poster of Madeleine on Sky News which can be downloaded and emailed or printed:,,91210-1264920,00.html(Links on the right of the page to download in English, Spanish, or French.)Send it to everyone you know, ask them to do the same, and pray.This is heartbreaking, and all I know to do is pray.