Skunks in Vermont

Tomorrow I’m off to Burlington Vermont to conduct a workshop for Catholic priests on preaching. i’ll be stressing the need for the use of stories in sermons. Faith stories incarnate the Truth, and everything from parables and fantasy stories to anecdotes and allegory can help bring the gospel alive and make it real for our people.

This day was organized by a mysterious English priest who has washed up on these shores. Fr. Ben Kiely also blogs under the name, Owl of the Remove. He’s had problems with skunks recently. He has a family of them living under the Rectory porch. I hope they’re gone before I arrive.

Is it true that the only antidote or neutralizer for skunk spray is tomato juice?

  • Sursum Corda

    Father, we have no skunks in Australia. Yet more proof God is an Australian!!

  • Brad Harvey

    Father, Just be thankful there are no salt water crocodiles in vermont.Skunks are actually very easy to live with. They only spray if cornered or seriously threatened. Most of their victims are dogs(not known for their common sense). The skunks we have around come and go as they please and pretty much ignore us. Try a white scapular over that cassock. The little critters might think you`re one of them;)

  • Brad Harvey

    Tomato juice doesn`t work worth a darn.

  • Liz

    I’m so excited. Father Ben is one of my daughter’s favorite priests and you are one of my favorite authors. Father Ben was at the Catholic Center at UVM when my daughter was there as a freshman. Please, please do a good job with our diocesan priests. I’ve been praying lately for something that would set them on fire.(Father Ben’s a good homilist, but he’s many miles from our neck of the woods). BTW tomato juice works, although not perfectly, but my husband had even better luck with tomato soup the one time he had a skunk encounter. He considers it the only good use for tomato soup, but in the middle of the night when he had the skunk encounter he was lucky that his wife likes to eat tomato soup so we actually had some in the house.I’ll be praying for you all.

  • Anonymous

    Praise God!Our prayers have been answered! The sheep are hungry and there’s no grass in this desert!I’ll be praying for you and for those who will be attending.Aside to Fr. Ben … St. Francis is not happy that you killed your brother skunk!Blessings!JC

  • ali

    “Faith stories incarnate the Truth, and everything from parables and fantasy stories to anecdotes and allegory can help bring the gospel alive and make it real for our people.”True that Father!

  • Mac McLernon

    Tomato juice? Tomato soup? What do you do… give it to the skunk to eat?? Or throw it over the skunk?;-)

  • KristineFranklin

    PLEASE O PLEASE O PLEASE teach priests how to preach. I’ve been a Catholic for twelve years and can count the truly excellent homilies on one hand. I love being Catholic, but the homilies are definitely a heartbreak and a lost opportunity to feed the minds and hearts of some very starving sheep.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Mac: You wash with the stuff, or, more usually, bathe the dog. It works, but only to a point.

  • sandy

    Hello Father! Well they certainly found the right priest to conduct the workshop. Your homilies are so full of life, stories, humor and truth! Good luck with the skunks, but remember, they are God’s creatures too, so leave the “big stick” at home.

  • Fr Justin

    The moral of the tale is that the American love of the porch is not really such a good idea in skunk-country!