h/t to the Roving Medievalist

  • John

    ooooooo, he is…my Precious!(sorry, somebody had to do it. Might as well get it out of the way first.)

  • John

    (that said, I don’t recall Gollum having a mullet. Nice!)

  • Anita Moore

    Heeeeeeey maaaaaaaaaaan…you got some good weed?

  • Carolina Cannonball

    yeah, but he’s gonna convert to Cafeteria Catholicism. LOL

  • Gentleman Farmer

    He that is without such a picture of himself should cast the first stone at Tony. Else, I say unto Mr. Blair: Go, and sin no more.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still laughing 10 minutes later. The title is brilliant!

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Think that one’s bad? You should see the one I wouldn’t dare post!

  • Brad Harvey

    If I run into this pic one more time, I`m going to go poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick.How bout a nice one of Fr. Whinder;)