First thing this morning my wife screamed, “The cat’s got a chipmunk!” Frodo (that’s the cat) had captured the little critter and brought it inside the house and was chasing it around our bathroom.

The kids came rushing in to see the spectacle and Dad the hero got a waste paper basket and was chasing the poor chipmunk around the room. They’re pretty darned fast. They can jump too. I finally caught him and took him out and released him, but wondered later if I shouldn’t have kept him, named him Alvin, caught a couple more and taught them to sing.
What were the names of the other two? One was Theodore wasn’t it?

  • mrsdarwin

    “Alvin, Simon, Theodore!”Why do I remember the words from that silly song? Evidence of a misspent youth, I guess. :)

  • Jeffrey Smith

    I think the third was Simon.

  • John Seymour

    Alvin, Theodore, SIMON!!!

  • Anonymous

    Simon wore the glasses

  • Rebecca

    Ah Father…at last a question for which I have the answer! They were Simon and Theodore.

  • Anonymous

    Father, your cat is obviously taking his orders from our three. In the past week, they’ve brought no less than FIVE of the little beasties into the house. Most, alas, have not survived. The latest one, this morning, I managed to capture. It was injured, unfortunately — the cat had been carrying it by one of the hind legs — but my son put it outside where, hopefully, it found a place to recover or die peacefully. It’s strange how our dear little pussycats can morph into predatory killing machines. Could be a metaphor for the human condition: mostly OK, but when we’re bad, “we’re horrid!”

  • Anonymous

    A cat named Frodo is a sign of a troublemaking cat. (Our cat is also named Frodo, and he never ceases to surprise us with his antics.)