Anglo Islamic Female Priest??

Damian Thompson reports on an Anglican woman priest who is also a practising Muslim. This follows an Anglican priest in England last year who was also a Hindu priest.

There is a long tradition of this sort of thing in the Anglican Church. For many years there has been a strange phenomenon called ‘Anglo-Catholicism’. This is a practice where Anglican priests practice what seems to be the Catholic faith while continuing to be Anglicans.

In fact, this seems to be the peculiar genius of the Anglican denomination, because on examination you also find Anglicans who are very zealous Presbyterians, others who are committed Pentecostalists, and I have even known some Anglican priests who refused to baptize infants–insisting on ‘believer’s baptism’. This would make them Anglo-Baptists I suppose.

Then there are the mainstream Liberal Anglicans who follow a religion that does not demand belief in anything at all. For them God–If he is there–is a sort of amorphous force in the universe. They are fond of the via negativa way of prayer–in which prayer is a kind of entry into nothingness. They follow a benign ethic of doing no harm and float about in a state of manufactured calm. Hey presto! The Anglo-Buddhist.

So we have Anglo-Muslims, Anglo-Hindus, Anglo-Buddhists, Anglo-Catholics, Anglo-Presbyterians, Anglo-Pentecostalists, Anglo-Baptists and we mustn’t forget the Anglo-homosexualists, Anglo-feminists and Anglo-Marxists. Did I leave anything out?

When I was an Anglican I just wanted to be an Anglican Christian. I wanted the historic Christian faith. I was looking for C.S.Lewis’ Mere Christianity. I soon discovered that practically all my fellow clergy had bolted something else on to Anglicanism. The more I searhed, the more I disovered (initially to my dismay) that the historic Christian faith was fully intact where it had always been, and that was in only one place: Rome Sweet Home.

  • Royce

    Father,This reminds me of a Religion professor at my college who claims to be a Baptarian (Bapto-Presbyterian, I guess). When he told me this, I told him that when he ceases being confused Rome is always calling. Fortunately, he thought this was funny. Thank God we don’t have to pick and choose to find the Truth.

  • Mark

    Couldn’t’ve said it better, Father.I was thinking about this on the bus, and thinking how for me, Roman Catholicism is ‘full-fat religion’, with nothing left out. To continue the analogy, you’re talking about going to the deli-counter or pick’n’mix! ;-D

  • Sursum Corda

    Father, your comment reminds me of an exchange on the superb BBC series ” Yes Prime Minister”.PM Hacker is told he has to appoint a C of E Bishop to some see or other and Sir Humphrey says ” It will be a difficult task PM, the bishops are currently evenly divided.” Hacker replies ‘ What between low church and high church. ” Sir Humphrey counters ” No PM, between those who believe in God and those who don’t.”Many a true word spoken in jest.

  • Recusant

    Father Dwight’And I have even known some Anglican priests who refused to baptize infants–insisting on ‘believer’s baptism’Did this happen in the UK and if so can you expand on it please

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    When I attended an Evangelical Anglican seminary in England a number of the man training to be priests did not believe in infant baptism and many more certainly did not believe in baptising the baby of non church going families.When I got out into the parishes I found Evangelical clergymen who, while not insisting that they would not baptize infants, had a policy of discouraging the practice through all sorts of administrative obstacles, neglect and pushing it to one side.Some didn’t refuse to baptise infants, but they just never did so.

  • William

    An even better example: In the Church of Wales there is a Vicar who is also the priest of his local Wicca Coven.He is an active witch and even says he makes and casts spells for his parishioners. You couldn’t make this up!