New Music Minister for St Marys

News Scoop: Fr Newman has just appointed a new music minister for St Mary’s Greenville.

  • Judge373

    If that’s true, I’m SO moving to South Carolina. :-D Colbert is my personal hero.

  • The Sheepcat

    Oh my. Well, Father, that adds a new level of meaning to “liturgical dance,” don’t it!

  • John Seymour

    oh dear.

  • Anonymous

    Haha! I wonder what inspired Colbert to do that particular song…?

  • Fr Jay Scott Newman

    Actually, I had just offered him a very sweet contract when the California Province of the Society of Jesus doubled my offer. And how could he refuse?

  • Jeffrey Smith

    I should have known not to click on that. Forget the dancing. That voice was NOT made for singing.

  • MOZ

    Welcome Home, Fr.! I can only imagine the enthusiasm you are bringing to Greenville, SC. Best wishes from Steubenville, Ohio! EAP – Minor Ohio Zealot (So dubbed by the Daily Kos – the most political liberal website on the Internet for the USA. God Bless!

  • Amanda Owens

    Oh, that just made my day brighter! Steven Colbert always makes me smile! Thank you for posting this, Father!

  • Carolina Cannonball

    still makes me double over… even after watching it 6 xs.