Recent Ordinations

Watch this slide show of ordinations in New York. Courtesy of the Franciscan Friars of Renewal. The joy you can cut with a knife…

  • jeron

    A great way to start a Wednesday. Thanks, Father, for posting. :)

  • Matt

    I had heard that the CFRs had more vocations than the Archdiocese–but these pics really prove it. Look at how many grey hoods there are versus amices in some of those pictures!

  • Sursum Corda

    The slide show was both wonderful and depressing. Wonderful because so many men were being ordained for God’s service but,depressing because it reminds me of my own diocese where there has not been an ordination since 1991 and there is one fourth year seminarian. I pray the day of plentiful vocations is not too far away.

  • Anonymous

    Sursum corda, my parish has not had a SINGLE ordination in more than 100 YEARS!!! Now THAT’S depressing — but the slide show was wonderful, God bless these young men who’ve committed themselves to serving God in the priesthood. (BTW, I live near Montreal, Quebec, Canada.)

  • Jon

    Having had the good fortune to actually meet the CFR’s in person at their postulant house, This Slideshow brings back some good memories and some familiar faces, thanks for making my day.This is mere speculation on my part (and perhaps biased because I am considering a vocation) but I think that there is hope, despite all the contention of what constitutes Christianity these days. God has a way of using that very same unrest within us to compel us even closer to him. people are growing in spirituality but are scared off by political extremism and do not trust when someone is inconsistent with their faith. No matter what role someone has in the church it’s important to be able to help others look past the politicized portrait of Christianity and see Christ for he truly is. That begins with us taking up the demands of the gospel ourselves.With that said I think if we can accomplish this, the future for vocations may just look brighter.